food is just the beginning.

Eric Wolfinger is a traveling cook who found his calling behind the lens.

With over a dozen award-winning books and hundreds of photo and film commissions, he has built the reputation of a close collaborator whose immersive approach results in powerful storytelling.

Before working as a photographer, Eric spent five years cooking and baking in San Francisco. At Tartine, his mentor Chad Robertson had the idea that his seasoned apprentice would bring a perspective to the bread book that no other photographer could. It was the greatest opportunity Eric had never dreamed of.

Personal Projects


In 2006 I was working as a baker and traveled to South America with my bread starter, a blog, and the dream of becoming a writer and a photographer. Five years later - and shortly after the release of TARTINE BREAD - a South American publisher invited me to photograph a cookbook at La Huella, the legendary seaside restaurant in Uruguay.


Paula Wolfert is one of my long time heroes. When the Washington Post assigned me to shoot the story about her Alzheimer's diagnosis, I was as heart broken by the news as I was thrilled to work with her. During the shoot, writer Emily Thelin and I hatched the idea to make a cookbook-memoir of Paula's fascinating life. When no mainstream publisher acquired our proposal we led a successful Kickstarter campaign ($93,000) to self-publish UNFORGETTABLE. Coming Spring 2017.